Founders House Drop

Get your own unique real estate from 1 of 4 systems with different styles, background story, rich animations, and great benefits.

Mint a generative bitem house now

Coming Soon

Quick Facts

First generative bitems drop

Special Editions of well known CNFT projects

7.000 NFTs in total

45 ADA Mint Price

WL mint: TBA

Open Mint: TBA

House Owner Benefits

Super stylish house which can be placed on your Bitland

Deep background story - Bitlands Tales

The most elegant NFT gallery, period

Increase the number of placeable Bitems on your Bitland

Your ticket to join one of the four civilizations

In house mechanics - get inside with your avatar (WIP)

Earn tokens from your house (WIP)

WIP = Work in progress

Bitlands Collections

Bitlands are floating land plots on which you can build your creations

Sold out
Bitlands B1
7000 NFTs
Sold out
Bitlands B2
Halloween 2021
10 NFTs
Sold out
Bitlands B3
Xmas 2021
5 NFTs

Bitems Collections

Bitems can be used to customize your Bitlands. They come with various utilities based on their type

Sold out
Bitlands A1
Xmas 2021
52 NFTs
Sold out
Bitlands A2
Bitlands X Pandorea
200 NFTs