Bitlands Metaverse

Discover items - Personalize your Bitland - Trade your creations

Visual & Social Experience
View and showcase your Bitlands
Detailed traits and rarity of each land
Discover other lands and connect
Redesign your bitland
In development
Place your discovered assets on top of your Bitland
Change music, background, and many other decorative assets
Use your Bitland as a breeding ground for evolving assets
Add NFTs from other verified projects
Trade your creations
In development
Buy all kind of assets for your land (Decorations - Backgrounds - Music - More)
Sell your land creations and placeable NFT assets




There is an old tale that said, around the early stages of the Carda period some fortunate citizens, could escape from the blazing gasses of Ether planet.

Flying wild into the gargantuan space, they were searching for an alternative way of living, taking with them, as many resources as they could carry on their spaceships to create new civilizations/communities.

During the wild trip, they discovered different and unique asteroids, varying from the size, Biomes, and elements they could find on them.

The chances of survival and grow were determined by a bit of luck and from the effort these new visitors put into their lands, creating and improving with new assets on their lands.

7000 lands were discovered at first, but the community started growing and evolving, as their islands evolved too. New tools, transports, foods, animals, and knowledge were discovered, expanding their communities through this new universe and exploring new ways of living - this is the Bitlands Universe

These new space citizens are called, Bitlanders. And until this day, it's a growing civilization. Do you want to be part of something big?