Your 2D universe where you're truly own what you create. Become a Bitlander to enjoy a tranquil & peaceful experience.

Bitlands Compatible NFTs

About Bitlands

Bitlands is the first 2D metaverse that allows Bitlanders to Play-to-Earn, customize, interact, Create-To-Earn, share, IRL redeem, and enjoy.

A Bitland act as a land plot that can be customized. Bitems are NFTs with various functionality placeable on your Bitland. Everything in the Bitlands universe is connected via a deep background story.

When you are interested in the art Bitlands offers you a minimalistic, tranquil, and peaceful experience.

Own a Bitland, become a Bitlander.

Stake & Craft

Stake your Bitlands, earn resources & transform them into limited NFT bitems

Staked Bitlands
Available Bitlands
Produced Resources
Crafted NFTs

What can Bitlands offer you?

- a diverse Ecosystem ready to be explored & having fun -

Core Tools
Explore, build, trade, upgrade and much more. All basic tools that powers a rich ecosystem
Game Modes
Stake & Craft, 2D platformer mode, levels & PvP tournaments
Ecosystem Lands
Explore rich community lands, from a museum to Bitlands Radio for music streaming
IRL Merch
Some Bitems can be redeemed for physical items. Take Bitlands to IRL.
Bitem Collections
Multiple collections: S&C, Bitlanders, Nature, Music, Lore, and much more
Bitland Tales
Learn, enjoy & own the story behind the Bitlands Universe
Trade Bitems
A space where artist & users can mint their creations as NFTs to make them Bitlands compatible. Trade them, place them.
Core Tools
The utility token of Bitlands. Earn & collect $BTL coins by interacting with the ecosystem
Bitlands Starmap

Stake your Bitlands, earn resources & transform them into limited NFT bitems

Mint your Skyplot

The people behind Bitlands

Bitlands Team

Founder, Engineer
Blockchain entrepreneur and early Cardano investor. Unique digital art collector. Over 10 years of experience in building software, websites and games.
Creative Director
Multi-disciplinary artist. Lover of long mountain walks and obsessed with capturing everything. Blockchain as a tool to empower artists.
Lead Game Designer
Studied Game Design at University of Advancing Technology. A creative mind with a passion for innovation and games across the spectrum.
Lore Writer
Experienced writer who loves literature (especially the classics) and story telling, believes strongly in the possibilities the blockchain offers creators.
A creative soul who finds pleasure in simple things. Lover of technology and art. Life-long collector of anything cool. Believer in crypto for all.
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